Hollywood couple’s faith strengthened by miracle
Hollywood couple’s faith strengthened by miracle
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March 2021Actors Kevin and Sam Sorbo are shining lights in the darkness of Hollywood. MovieGuide describes Kevin as “one of the loudest voices for redeeming Hollywood.”

Years ago, Kevin had an aneurysm in his shoulder that sent blood clots down into his arm. Because he has a full-throttle, full-speed-ahead personality, he thought he was invincible and refused to go to the doctor about the pain and tingling in his left hand. He and his wife Samantha finally decided he should see a doctor.

Even in the doctor’s office, Kevin said he heard a Voice advising him against the recommended treatment. But he went ahead with it, and a critical procedure on his neck resulted in life-threatening consequences.

The procedure released “an aneurism that was so close to the artery feeding the brain, that manipulation forced three of those clots to my brain, and I suffered three strokes,” Kevin recalled.

He firmly believes that he heard God’s voice of protection that day. But refusing to listen to it resulted in years of deteriorated health and slow recovery.

“What did I learn?” Kevin asked. “I learned to listen to that Voice.”

With his wife’s encouragement, his strong will, and the healing hand of God, Kevin recovered, and the couple’s faith was strengthened. They chose to leave their traditional roles in Hollywood and pursue wholesome projects about faith, love, hope, redemption, and laughter.

The Sorbos’ full story is told in their 2011 memoir titled True Strength: My Journey from Hercules to Mere Mortal and How Nearly Dying Saved My Life.