Homeschooling  on steady increase
Homeschooling on steady increase
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October 2021Even with public and private schools reopening this fall, Steven Duvall, director of research at Home School Legal Defense Association, believes many who transitioned into homeschooling will stick with it.

Duvall has been tracking the growth in homeschooling since early 2020, recently publishing his findings that show a six-fold increase in families home educating – up from 3.3 % of families with school-age children in 2017, to 19.5 % of families with school-age children in 2021.

“Currently, it appears that anxiety related to COVID-19, concerns for children’s safety, and school curricular issues seem to be causing more parents to homeschool their children than ever before and could, at the very least, delay their decision to re-enroll them in brick-and-mortar schools,” Duvall wrote. “Time and continued monitoring will tell, but in the meantime, the homeschool movement continues to grow at a rapid pace.”, 7/7/21;, 7/20/21