October is Pastor  Appreciation Month
October is Pastor Appreciation Month

October 2021Every week pastors serve their congregations, giving their time and energy to uphold the gospel and encourage their flocks in the Word of God. However, many pastors struggle to make 
ends meet and often hesitate to express other needs.

This Pastor Appreciation month, the Bless Your Pastor initiative has put together a list of over 50 ways you can bless your pastor. You can join the movement by downloading the full list at blessyour
pastor.org. Then take up an offering for your pastor and encourage your church to show appreciation through a meal or special event honoring the shepherd of your flock.

Below are a handful of the many creative methods from “Over 50 Creative Ways to Bless Your Pastor” list:

Faithfully Pray For:
Intimacy with God
Marital love and unity
Spiritual protection
Divine guidance
Personal encouragement
Quality study and prayer times

Food, Fellowship, and Fun:
Give your pastor food from your garden, orchard, and hunting or fishing trips.
Invite your pastor and family to your home or a restaurant for a meal.
Share frequent flyer miles that can be used for conferences, vacation, mission trips, or holiday travel.
Offer your pastor the use of your dependable vehicle, SUV, or minivan for a holiday family trip or vacation.

Freely Share:
Auto maintenance and repair
Decorating, painting, and wallpapering
Medical, dental, and chiropractic care
Lawn and garden upkeep
Legal, estate, and financial services

Bless Your Pastor offering
Marriage conference or retreat costs
Children’s college tuition
Mission trips
Lessons or tutoring
Family or couple’s vacation or getaway
Pastor’s conference, seminar, or training
Seminary courses or sabbatical
Student loan debt
Retirement savings
Medical expenses