Reviews: family entertainment, documentaries, resources, books, music
Reviews: family entertainment, documentaries, resources, books, music
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October 2021Little Lamb, Little Lamb, Follow Close
In her book, Little Lamb, Little Lamb, Follow Close, Kimberly Merritt combines Bible verses, poetry, and delightful illustrations to teach young children to focus on Christ and to follow 
after Him.

Inspired by Psalm 63:8, this first-time author and veteran illustrator paints a beautiful picture of God’s love for his children. The Good Shepherd is always faithful to lead and protect those who follow Him closely on the paths of life. This book makes a great gift and a wonderful addition to a child’s library.

Self-published, 29 pages
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Canada Burns

Author Highlight
Kimberly Merritt lives in Danbury, New Hampshire, where she serves in ministry with her husband, a pastor. Kimberly has homeschooled their four children while finding time to illustrate 40 Christian children’s books and create fine art. She is the illustrator for the Covenant Creek Kids book series (available at You can find out more about Kimberly, her art, and her ministry at

The Romance of Redemption
In The Romance of Redemption, pastor and author Tommy Vinson admits his 50-year love affair with a lady named Ruth – all with the enthusiastic approval of Rose, his wife of 54 years. Actually, his love affair is with the Old Testament book 
of Ruth.

Vinson has taught Ruth in numerous conferences during his lifetime of gospel ministry and has finally condensed those sessions into this short, yet dynamic, book. His emphasis is on God at work “behind the seen” (yes, intentionally seen) to bring about His redemptive purposes, not only for Ruth, but also for Jesus’ ancestry and ultimately for mankind’s salvation.

Xulon Press, 141 pages
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Ken Carver, guest reviewer

Family Secrets: Divine Destinies
In Family Secrets: Divine Destinies, author Nancy Petrey spotlights the long-standing antisemitism and the fragile role of Jews in U.S. culture. From violence and mockery on a university campus, to families compelled to “hide” their Jewish heritage, to generational tensions, to a terrorist threat, to Holocaust survivors, to attitudes toward Messianic Jews, Petrey wraps her narrative in a fictional love story in the 
late 1990s.

Through her characters’ dialogue, she brings a lot of historical context to the pages, so the reader gains greater understanding of the issues and the bridge between Judaism and Christianity. As a minor character, Petrey cleverly includes Dr. Michael Brown, a Messianic Jew and one of today’s premiere scholars and authors on the issues touched on in Family Secrets.

An autographed copy is available from the author; send a check for $25 to her at 44 Community House Rd., Luverne, AL 36049.

Energion Publications, 336 pages
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Randall Murphree

A Boy and His Elephant
Even young children have deep questions about the nature of God: Who is He? Where is He? How do we talk to Him? A Boy and His Elephant by Ethan L. Watson offers parents a unique tool to help explain such large concepts to small children. Watson’s tale follows the innocent conversation of a boy and his beloved friend El as they embark on a journey to find God.

As they walk, the weather changes from somber cloudiness into bright sunshine. Likewise, beautiful watercolor illustrations deftly depict the boy’s journey from confusion to a simple but powerful understanding of God’s love.

Brigham Distributing, 54 pages
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Joy Lucius

Light Dreams
In his coming-of-age novel, Light Dreams, Richard E. Murff weaves an intriguing story of contrasts that are waging war in the life of teenager Anthony DeLuca. Moving from the East Coast to the Deep South, Deluca abruptly left childhood behind after a family tragedy.

But he cannot escape the past without making some decisions. And one of those decisions involves two girls with two contrasting sets of life goals. Will DeLuca have the courage to follow God’s plan for his life? Or will he pursue his own dreams?

WestBow Press, 192 pages
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Joy Lucius

God’s Not Dead: We The People
In this fourth installment of the God’s Not Dead film franchise, a Christian homeschooling family finds the government interfering with, and attempting to subvert altogether, parents’ right to educate their children the way they see fit.

Taken aback by the strong arm of government, Rev. Dave (David A.R. White) leads the family to Washington, D.C., to testify in a congressional hearing that will determine the fate of their freedom, as well as the freedom of many others. While there, they will be reminded of an often forgotten truth – the only power the government has is power granted by “we the people.”

Pinnacle Peak Pictures, 90 minutes
In theaters October 4, 5, and 6.

Matthew White

Fractals: The Secret Codes of Creation
The world of mathematics is a complex place. Yet the deeper one dives, the more design and beauty is revealed. In Dr. Jason Lisle’s new book, Fractals: The Secret Codes of Creation, he guides the reader on a journey through the infinite complexity hidden in the most basic laws of 

Contained within simple equations are maps to worlds unseen until the advent of computer technology – worlds filled with wonders beyond any human endeavor that only a sovereign Creator could have made. This book is a great educational tool for those interested in mathematics, and it contains stunning full-color visuals that have to be seen to be believed.

Masterbooks, 216 pages

Canada Burns

Vietnam 101: A Class Like no Other
When College of the Ozarks (CO) and President Jerry C. Davis decided to instill in students the truth about U.S. involvement in the Vietnam war, they did it right. The college invited veterans to come on campus and teach the students, then initiated a unique Patriotic Education Travel Program, which has sent CO students to escort veterans to the battlefields where they fought, not only in Vietnam but also Pearl Harbor, England, and France.

At the Point Lookout, Missouri, campus, Patriots Park and Veterans Grove are home to many memorials commemorating various veterans’ groups. And there’s more: Patriotic Education 103 is required of all CO students – teaching them civics, American exceptionalism, U.S. flag code, capitalism vs. socialism, etc. That’s freshman level. Seniors get a required refresher course in Patriotic Education 401 and may take an intensive pro-America visit to D.C.

Vietnam 101 is a captivating story of this unique bastion of U.S. pride.

Hyer Press (CO students), 393 pages

Randall Murphree