1MM hits ‘Black Jesus’ sponsors
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December 2014 – The blasphemous comedy Black Jesus lost the majority of its commercial advertisers after they were contacted by supporters of One Million Moms, according to director Monica Cole.

“This disgraceful show was a bad idea from the beginning – something we certainly communicated to its producers before the first episode aired,” Cole said. “Sponsors fled when we let them know how insulting the content of Black Jesus really is.”

In the sitcom, Jesus, played by actor Gerald Johnson (above), is from Compton, California. He smokes and traffics in marijuana, uses the f-word and other profanities, and blasphemously refers to himself as “lord and savior.”

The program aired this fall on TBS’s Adult Swim, a primetime cable network that comes on after Cartoon Network’s daily programming ends. It is not known whether Black Jesus will be picked up for spring. 

More than a dozen major advertisers dropped their sponsorship of Black Jesus after being contacted by 1MM supporters. Among these were Aaron’s, American Eagle, Progressive Insurance, Foot Locker, Radio Shack and Hydroxycut.

Dollar Shave Club (dollarshaveclub.com) was the only major advertiser that refused to stop sponsoring Black Jesus. 

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