PCUSA decline continues theologically, numerically
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September 2014 – The Presbyterian Church (USA) has made a decision that may prove to be the final blow to the PCUSA denomination.  

On July 19, the PCUSA General Assembly approved a recommendation allowing pastors to perform at their discretion “any such marriage they believe the Holy Spirit calls them to perform” as long as it is consistent with state law, including same sex marriages. 

“By overturning natural marriage, the PCUSA is only accelerating its already fast-paced demise,” said Mark Tooley, president of the Institute on Religion and Democracy. “Only declining denominations reject historic Christian standards, and in nearly every case that rejection reinforces the decline.”

Michael Brown, host of Line of Fire talk radio program, commented that the PCUSA has “capitulated on two other issues, first abortion and then true justice in the Middle East. As a general rule any group that compromises on one of those areas, going the way of the spirit of the age, normally compromises on the other two as well.”

The PCUSA is not to be confused with theologically and socially conservative groups such as Presbyterian Church in America, Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Associate Reformed Presbyterian, Orthodox Presbyterian Church and others. 

charismanews.com, 6/20/14