Cut through the clutter at VVS
Cut through the clutter at VVS
Rusty Benson
Rusty Benson
AFA Journal associate editor

Above, AFA’s Meeke Addison was a featured speaker at the 2015 VVS.

July-August 2016 – For one weekend, turn off your favorite news station, put down that newspaper, and close your Internet browser. Then, join thousands of other patriotic Americans for the lowdown – directly from the mouths of leaders who are working to restore Christian and conservative values in our culture – on the critical issues that face our nation. The 2016 Values Voter Summit September 9-11 in Washington, D. C. will provide that opportunity.

Sponsored by a coalition of conservative groups, including AFA Action, this year’s VVS aims not only to inform, but also to inspire and equip.

“At VVS, concerned citizens will get plenty of first hand information and perspective, but the value of the gathering goes even further,” said Rob Chambers, director of AFA Action, the governmental affairs affiliate of American Family Association.*

Chambers says attendees at the upcoming conference will be awakened again to the need to restore to our society the values upon which the nation was founded. Then, that desire for change will be directed into effective action through connecting with the organization and exhibitors at the summit.

“There is a synergy when the sponsor organizations, exhibitors, and presenters all come together with like-minded citizens,” Chambers said. “Attendees leave VVS ready and equipped to return to their communities and make a difference.”

As the premier conservative gathering in America, attendees can expect to hear addresses from nearly every influential politician, candidate, policy maker, and commentator in the movement to restore to our culture a high regard for faith, freedom, family, and equal opportunity for all. A list of speakers, invited and confirmed, appears on p. 15.

Speakers at the 2015 gathering included Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Marco Rubio, Dr. Ben Carson, Gov. Bobby Jindall, Gov. Mike Huckabee, Sen. Rick Santorum, and many others.

In addition to keynote speeches, summit opportunities include breakout strategy sessions, exhibits, book signings, and special events such as a student mixer and the Faith, Family, and Freedom Gala Dinner.

Among presenters taking the stage in September will be Abraham Hamilton III, public policy analyst and spokesperson for AFA. Hamilton is a former criminal prosecutor and Bible teacher.

Hamilton says his VVS message will build a biblical case for the role of the church in impacting public policy that includes what he calls a “full-breasted commitment to the Great Commission” found in Matthew 28 and Mark 16.

“The Great Commission requires Christians to go into all the world, geographically and demographically, proclaiming God’s truth and teaching others to obey everything God has instructed us Christians to obey, ” he said.

“That mandate requires Christians to diligently, skillfully, and compassionately point the way to apply a biblical view to every life discipline.”

The Great Commission does not call for our government to be a theocracy, Hamilton said, but it does require using and promoting godly wisdom in our personal and civic lives.

“Since God is the author of all creation, it makes sense that He knows best how life should work to benefit all mankind,” he said. “I hope to provide some insight and encouragement for our nation to embrace the reality that God’s way is the best way.”

In a breakout session, AFA’s online efforts to reach the Millennial generation through Engage Magazine ( will be featured.

“The goal of the Engage presentation will be to encourage attendees with the fact that Millennials are not a lost generation,” said Teddy James, Engage editor. “I believe there is a conservative spirit growing in many young voters. But we have a responsibility to reach them and assist them as they find their place in our society.”

To learn more about the 2016 VVS, including registration and accommodations, visit or call 877-372-2808.  undefined 

Values Voter Summit
Omni Shoreham Hotel
Washington, DC
September 9-11

• Values Voter Package: $119
• Patriot Package: $219
• Founder’s Package: $649
• Student Briefing Pass: $50 (scholarships available)
Other packages available at website.

*AFA Action is a 501(c)(4) organization.