Financial Issues with Dan Celia
Financial Issues with Dan Celia
Dan Celia
Dan Celia
Financial Issues

November 2016 – Q: As a retired person, I am concerned with the impact of the elections on the markets. Can you offer some perspective? 

A: The election will certainly have an impact on the markets. But, more importantly, it will have an impact on the economy. Since you are retired, you need to be concerned with holding on to the principal you have. I would not be as concerned about the markets; rather, I would be concerned about perserving what I have worked hard to save. 

Before the end of the year, I would consider a charitable gift annuity. It is one of the best ways you can secure your income. More than any other time in the nation’s history, retirees must focus on income to cover expenses. A charitable gift annuity allows you to do the Lord’s work and receive a monthly lifelong income. Also, I do not recommend investing all your money in a CGA, only a portion of your total plan.

I hope you will contact the AFA Foundation at or 1-800-326-4543 x 345 to assist you in making a solid retirement plan.


Dan Celia has been in financial management for more than 30 years. He works closely with AFA Foundation and can be heard six days a week on AFR Talk (

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