2017: one mission, many methods
Tim Wildmon
AFA president

December 2017 – Summer 2017 marked the 40th anniversary of American Family Association. If you have been with us since my dad, Rev. Don Wildmon, started this ministry in 1977, guess what? You’re getting old.

You probably didn’t need that reminder, but I regularly meet people who tell me they started supporting AFA back in the late 1970s or ‘80s when my dad was one of the first to see what was happening to our beloved country and heeded God’s call to step out of the pulpit and into the public arena.

He saw America’s Christian heritage being undermined by influential people who rejected the true God and believed that man was his own god.

Although Christian thought is enshrined in many of our founding documents – such as the Declaration of Independence that states that U.S. citizens are a people “…endowed by their Creator…” – godless humanistic ideas were gaining great sway in America. Dad saw that humanism could destroy much that was great about America.

Since 1977, our calling has been to restore morality to America by promoting the morals, ethics, and values of the Bible.

So at the end of each year we like to look back on what we have accomplished by God’s grace. I want you to know that your investment in AFA is good stewardship.

I have limited space here, but if you receive my monthly letter, you’ll receive a more detailed listing of AFA’s activities and accomplishments in 2017. Here are some highlights listed in no particular order.

▶ In conjunction with Revival Fires Ministries, AFA gave away over 63,000 Bibles to teenagers across America. These free Bibles were only given to Christian young people who pledged to give them personally to classmates who do not know the Lord as their personal savior.

▶ AFA’s Boycott Target campaign topped 1.5 million people in April. As you know, in 2016, Target announced corporate policy to allow men into women’s restrooms and changing areas. Since then, Target has lost tons of business and tons of money – $13 billion in stock value alone. I went to Minneapolis to deliver 500,000 more boycott pledges and tell Target officials the boycott would continue until the company reversed its reckless and dangerous policy.

▶ American Family Studios completed a landmark documentary on the truth and inerrancy of the Bible. Written, filmed, and produced by our own team, The God Who Speaks: Tracing the Evidence for Biblical Authority offers a strong defense for the authority and accuracy of the Word of God. (See here to order your copy.)

Ryan Defrates, a biblically based children’s animated series created by AFS, won Best Children’s Video at the 2017 International Christian Visual Media Awards.

▶ AFA friends generously donated $170,000 dollars in one week for victims of Hurricane Harvey. We partnered with Eight Days of Hope, a disaster relief ministry that helps rebuild homes and shares the gospel with those they help.

▶ Last summer, we distributed over 250,000 “In God We Trust” wristbands to remind our fellow Americans where our true hope is found. Some purchased many wristbands and gave them away in their communities. (By the way, our Keep Christ in Christmas wristbands are now available. See here to order.)

▶ AFA sponsored Patriot Academy camps that drew hundreds of young people from across the country to train them in how to apply biblical principles in politics and government.

▶ We joined with Mission Pre-Born, and AFR listeners doubled our goal, giving enough to provide 3,545 ultrasounds at pro-life pregnancy centers, thus encouraging mothers to choose life for their babies.

▶ And with India Partners, AFA supporters raised money to fund more than 37,000 nights of safety to rescue children from trafficking and poverty in India.

We have cooperated with numerous other campaigns, both large and small, as a part of furthering our mission to advance the Judeo-Christian value system. And, of course, much of our work goes on daily through AFR, AFA Journal, The Stand (our blog), onemillionmoms.com, American Family News, and other divisions. (See links below.)

And most important of all, your gifts have been a part of every single campaign, every project, every radio program, every news release, every step we take. You are making a difference. May God bless you for it!  undefined

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