Homeschooling reduces government costs
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December 2017 – While homeschooling families pay for their educational expenses out of pocket, they still pay taxes that go to federal, state, and local departments of education. Since they are paying into the system, but none of their students are costing the state anything in terms of education, homeschoolers are actually saving the nation money – approximately $22 billion annually, according to numbers compiled from the 2012 National Center for Education statistics.

Calculating state spending per student times the number of homeschooling students, California gets the most savings from homeschooling families at $1.8 billion a year. New York, Texas, and North Carolina also save over $1 billion per year based on the number of homeschoolers in those states.

In 1980, 10,000 families homeschooled, but now there are close to two million homeschool families, Pioneer Institute estimates., 9/25/17;, 8/15/17