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Above, at NCCA, producer/director M.D. Perkins discusses the making of The God Who Speaks, AFA’s new documentary on the Bible.

December 2017 – The audience has spoken and overwhelmingly agrees – The God Who Speaks is astounding.

Over one thousand people got a sneak peek at AFA’s new documentary, The God Who Speaks, during the October 13-14 National Conference on Christian Apologetics in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Double its expected size, the audience was highly engaged during The God Who Speaks preview. The film’s theme of biblical authority resonated with attendees, despite various age groups and diverse levels of biblical knowledge.

The film features beautiful cinematography from various locations in Israel; correlating commentary from 23 noteworthy pastors, apologists, and scholars; and a graphic timeline that seamlessly presents important manuscripts and events in their biblical context.

After the preview, American Family Studios director Jeff Chamblee and producer/director M.D. Perkins led an audience discussion on the enormous undertaking of producing the film, as well as AFA’s initial inspiration for the project.

The God Who Speaks will be released to the public on February 1, 2018. For details on the film, visit or TheGodWhoSpeaksMovie on Facebook.