Islam growing much faster than Christianity
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June 2017 – According to a new Pew research report, Muslims will outnumber Christians within the next half century. From 2015 to 2060, the Muslim population is expected to increase by 70%, while the foreseeable Christian growth is at 34%.

Incidentally, in light of the growing population within the same time frame, the percentage of those with no religion (including atheists and agnostics) is projected to decrease from 16% to 13%.

Dr. Alex McFarland, Christian apologist, author, and American Family Radio host, said the rapid increase of those practicing Islam is partly because Muslims are having considerably larger families than Christians.

“In 1994, Yasser Arafat, then president of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, said that they would win the world through the womb of the Arabic woman,” McFarland recalled.

He also pointed out the median age of a Muslim is 23, making it the youngest religion in the world.

McFarland said that in addition to border protection, it’s the time for the church to rise up and bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Muslim world. “The only worldview that has the evidence on its side,” he said, “plus the power to change the human heart, is Christianity.”, 3/20/17;, 4/6/17, 4/7/17