Killing our babies, sexualizing our children, undermining our families. Why are we still funding Planned Parenthood?
Anne Reed
AFA Journal staff writer

Some graphic sexual language occurs in this article to demonstrate the behavior promoted by Planned Parenthood.

Originally published at AFA’s blog site, The Stand.

September 2017 – “Taxpayers must fund Planned Parenthood because of the valuable education it provides.” Have you heard that argument?

In early May, the House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act, a reconciliation bill that would abolish key components of Obamacare while eliminating more than 86% of federal funds to PP for one year. The Senate drafted a similar bill, but, at press time, had still been unable to garner enough votes to move the legislation forward.

Unfortunately, PP has a monumental amount of global power. PP aggressively and successfully lobbies governments and the UN for millions of dollars annually to fund their multiple services and programs.

One of those programs is called Comprehensive Sexual Education, a specific form of graphic sex education designed to change the sexual and gender norms of society. It encourages even the youngest children to sexually experiment.

Family Watch International has produced a documentary revealing the type of education that PP provides when given opportunity. The War on Children: The Comprehensive Sexuality Education Agenda documentary contains the following warning to adult viewers prior to showing the very CSE materials given to children in public schools:

For the protection of the viewer, explicit images from CSE texts that will be shown have been blurred out. However, the subject matter is still not appropriate for children.

That disclaimer alone highlights the issue at hand. According to Michelle Cretella, M.D., president of the American College of Pediatricians, CSE:

▶ sexualizes children,
▶ threatens children’s health,
▶ promotes dangerous gender ideology, and
▶ undermines the parent-child relationship, which violates parental rights.

Masking messages
It’s All One is a two-book curriculum that has been in high demand since it was launched several years ago at the UN, with requests coming from more than 150 countries and every state in the U.S. Like other CSE curricula, it claims to be evidence-based, comprehensive, human rights and gender sensitive, and culturally appropriate education that will increase young people’s responsible decisions to reduce teen pregnancy, sexual abuse, and sexually transmitted disease – including HIV.

Within all those lofty claims masquerade cleverly disguised messages concerning abortion rights, sexual pleasure education, and radical feminist ideologies.

The curriculum contains 112 references to abortion, including outrageous assertions to support legalization. One such claim is that a pregnant girl is dying every minute of every hour. Students are also required to read stories of girls who have had abortions so they can “walk in her shoes in the decision to have an abortion.”

Like all CSE programs, It’s All One has an excessive focus on “sexual pleasure,” using the phrase 62 times. Children are even instructed on how to stimulate themselves or a partner to orgasm.

And, of course, homosexual acts are consistently normalized and encouraged. Children are asked to share personal stories of feeling sexually attracted to someone of the same sex.

The curriculum claims there is no right age to have sex – each person has to determine when he or she is ready. Children then fill out worksheets to explore their own readiness. Examples include: feeling close to another person, when both want to have sex, and feeling attracted to another person.

Mislabeling abstinence
CSE “abstinence programs” explicitly teach children to participate in many types of sexual behaviors. In one CSE booklet, Making a Difference: An Abstinence Approach to HIV/STD and Teen Pregnancy Prevention, children are asked, “What is abstinence?” Teachers are encouraged to elicit answers from children that include things like saying “I like you” to degrading forms of sexual acts. Because oral and anal sex acts do not bring about pregnancy, the materials encourage children to engage in such behavior. And they call that “abstinence.”

According to Kristine Swarts of Power2Parent of Nevada, PP provides 13- and 14-year-old students with handouts that suggest a variety of sexual encounters. One book titled It’s Perfectly Normal is full of pornographic images and is recommended for fourth graders.

“When a child looks at a pornographic image, within three-tenths of a second, that’s imprinted on his brain and on her brain – permanently,” said Judith Reisman, Ph.D., director of Liberty Child Protection Center, Liberty University School of Law. “We know that there’s an action that takes place that’s called mirroring images so that children will want to or will act out what they see.”

Hiding STDs
In a pamphlet called Healthy, Happy, and Hot, youth are even told they have the right to hide their HIV status from sexual partners if they feel uncomfortable disclosing that information.

You might be asking why. Why would any organization teach children to engage in promiscuous, high-risk sexual behavior? But for PP and other organizations, multi-million dollar opportunities are created for them when children become sexualized through CSE and then become PP customers and advocates.

Most government agencies are not aware of the true sexual agenda behind CSE. But the UN is. It is aggressively pushing CSE for children worldwide.

For example, International Guidelines on Sexuality Education published by the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, in cooperation with the UN Fund for Population Activities, includes guidelines for teaching masturbation to children ages 5-8, respect for different sexual orientations, and gender identity by age 12. And by age 15, students are further “enlightened” about same-sex pleasure.

Europe is a little farther along. The World Health Organization Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe: A Framework for Policymakers, Educational and Health Authorities, and Specialists suggests children ages 0-4 should be given information to encourage body exploration, masturbation, and gender identity.

According to Katharina Rottweiler, director of international relations and strategy for Red Familia of Mexico, many of the key advisors to representatives of various countries have direct links to International PP Federation. “It’s really striking how IPPF plays such a big role,” she said. “What we just can’t put our finger on is how that happened.”

Funding through taxes
The U.S. appears to be at a precipice concerning the funding of PP. If the Senate were to pass legislation stopping Medicaid reimbursements (approximately $390 million per year), PP would continue to receive approximately $60 million annually from federal grants for family planning, social services, and teen pregnancy prevention.

Defunding Medicaid reimbursements to PP would be a momentous move in the right direction. But it remains for Congress to finish its job.  undefined 

What’s a citizen to do?
▶ Pray for our children, parents, and public school staff.
▶ Call your senators and say you want all federal dollars to be directed away from PP. Ask him or her to fight for our children and our families. (See here.)
▶ Make sure PP and the CSE curriculum are not in your local and state schools. And if they are, expose them.
▶ Get involved with your pregnancy resource center or other organizations that are working to bring true abstinence training into schools. Be certain the sexual education policy is a sexual risk avoidance program – not CSE.
▶ Consider running for your local school board.
▶ Educate your children at home.

The War on Children: The Comprehensive Sexuality Education Agenda documentary is available for free viewing at

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