Creationist forbidden to work in Grand Canyon
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Photo above, geologist Andrew Snelling appears in Is Genesis History? a documentary from Compass Cinema. (See AFA Journal 2/17.)

September 2017 – For four years, the Grand Canyon National Park Service has refused to allow geologist Andrew Snelling to gather and research rocks in the canyon. Snelling has a Ph.D. in geology from University of Sydney and more than 45 years of experience in the field. He is also a creationist. Until now, he has complied with the National Park Service’s postponements. He sent three reference letters the National Park Service requested, but NPS then chose its own scientist, Karl Karlstrom, to review Snelling. Karlstrom scoffed at Snelling and his references, saying they were, “[Creationists with] some science papers but also a creationist agenda.” Snelling has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the National Park Service., 6/1/17