Soldiers receive free gas
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Above, volunteers pray with a soldier and his wife as they receive a tank of gas.

September 2017 – Eric Horner Ministries’ annual Operation Tank Full of Love is scheduled September 16 at the Pilot Truck Stop in Oak Grove, Kentucky, near Fort Campbell. Soldiers from Fort Campbell deploy across the world, so EHM believes this event can globally impact U.S. military personnel as they carry the story of Tank Full of Love with them.

“This year is going to be great,” said Eric Horner, founder of EHM. “We hope to give away $50,000 worth of gas this year. And gas prices are low, so we will be able to fill even more tanks than our record of 1,800.”

Horner told AFA Journal that AFA supporters and volunteers have been unbelievable with their past support. He encouraged them to partner again with EHM as the hands and feet of Jesus, ministering to soldiers in a very tangible, simple way – paying for one tank of gas.

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