Social media sites censor Christian, conservative posts
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Above, Prager U features five-minute mini-lectures from a conservative perspective.

August 2018 – U.S. District Judge Lucy H. Koh has dismissed a suit filed by conservative nonprofit PragerU against YouTube for censoring the organization’s educational videos. Koh ruled in March that, inherently serving as a private company, Google, parent company of YouTube, has no obligation to equally apply its services, or in this case, its ostensible penalties.

PragerU argued that although YouTube is a private entity, Google operates as a public forum and is thus liable to First Amendment oversight. Koh disagreed.

Similarly, the Lutheran-run Concordia Publishing House says Google will no longer allow its ads due to seeming breaches of the tech giant’s user privacy protection. The publishing house, however, says it was told to remove any references to Jesus or the Bible to use Google ad products.

Also, conservative media personalities Diamond and Silk charge Facebook with censorship. The two women testified before Congress in April, alleging that “Facebook ...has taken aggressive actions to silence conservative voices such as ourselves.”, 3/29/18;, 4/25/18;, 4/26/18