Abortion war zone
Abortion war zone
Jordan Chamblee
Jordan Chamblee
AFA Journal staff writer

January-February 2018 – A woman sits alone, tears streaming down her face as she recalls the day her baby was crushed to death. Groups of people on the sidewalk plead with women walking into the clinic, urging them to turn back. Politicians argue, covering a lot of ground but never seeming to accomplish much.

Welcome to the war zone that is the abortion issue. The U.S. death toll by abortion is almost 60 million babies, more than the total U.S. deaths in all the wars it’s ever fought. (See illustration above.)

There is no end of the cavalry arrayed along the battle lines of this conflict, and there are as many approaches to the issue as there are pro-life platoons. Some focus on the political aspect, some on sidewalk counseling, some on protesting, some on educating the public. But one organization, Pre-Born, takes a different approach.

“There are generally three categories of pro-life organizations,” Dan Steiner, president of Pre-Born, told AFA Journal. “There is sidewalk counseling. There is legislation and education. Then there is the third: compassion. Pre-Born belongs in this category.”

Founded almost 11 years ago, Pre-Born works quietly and apart from the firestorm of rhetoric surrounding what is arguably the most hotly debated issue in our culture.

“We help them choose life,” said Steiner, “by empowering them with ultrasounds, counseling, diapers, cribs, baby clothes, medical attention referrals, and whatever they need to choose life.”

Compassion, personal care, and evangelism – these are the core of Pre-Born’s mission to pregnant women in need. While the ministry does not lose sight of the fact that unborn lives are at stake, their desire is first to serve God. This is what inspires and motivates their work as a ministry.

Another large part of Pre-Born’s mission is to provide funding to pregnancy resource centers, helping purchase equipment to serve pregnant women looking for answers. “Our Child Sponsorship program is a grant that pays our partner centers for the number of ultrasounds they do on a monthly basis,” said Steiner. “The funds go toward their ultrasound machine operation.”

“Prayer is also central to our ministry both physically and spiritually,” said Steiner. “We offer the first day of every month to the Lord as a time of gathering all of Pre-Born’s associates together across the nation by phone and lifting up requests and praises to God. Prayer is the first thing that happens at the start of every day.”

But Pre-Born’s spiritual emphasis does not stop at prayer.

“It is also an important goal of Pre-Born to evangelize our clients,” Steiner said. “We train every Pre-Born center in practical biblical principles for sharing the gospel and extending the invitation for the clients to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior through a series of videos and short quizzes.”  undefined 

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