American Family Association backs Air Force colonel in discrimination case
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January-February 2018 – The suspension of USAF Colonel Leland Bohannon (photo above) earned a late November Action Alert from AFA challenging people to urge Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson to drop its punishment of the decorated combat pilot.

When a retiring homosexual master sergeant asked Col. Bohannon, who does not agree with gay marriage, to sign a “certificate of spouse appreciation” for his same-sex spouse, Bohannon declined, but found a two-star general to sign it. The sergeant filed a complaint and the colonel, in line for promotion, was suspended.

AFA Action spokesman Rob Chambers said the Air Force has basically told Bohannon there is no room in the U.S. armed forces for a religious accommodation.

“This really should fall on Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis,” said Chambers. “He should be issuing his own guidance on religious liberty within the Department of Defense, which would give direction to Secretary Wilson.”

Concerned citizens may contact their elected representatives in D.C. (See here.) to help make sure the discrimination against Bohannon is reversed.