Christian persecution ramps up in Turkey, China
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June 2018 – Andrew Brunson (photo above), a North Carolina native, has been preaching the gospel in Turkey for 20 years. But about two years ago, Turkish authorities arrested him with no specified charges. With charges now defined, the government could keep him in prison for life by equating evangelism to terrorism.

Turkey is 99% Muslim, and religious intolerance has allowed the legal system to make many unfounded claims. CeCe Heil of American Center for Law and Justice is helping Brunson’s Turkish attorney. Heil said some of Brunson’s “offenses” include activities such as humanitarian aid and education.

On another front, ACLJ submitted a Universal Periodic Review on China for the United Nations to address recent persecution of Christians based on a new law – the revised Regulation of Religious Affairs and Cybersecurity Law. As of April, Bibles can no longer be sold online.

Until now, online Bible sales were legal, though law forbade selling Bibles in bookstores. Certain Bible apps remain available to Chinese citizens, but many Christians fear those will be outlawed soon as well. 3/25/18; 4/5/18