Pro-family organization fights doctor- prescribed suicide bill in Massachusetts
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June 2018 – Massachusetts Family Institute, a traditional values organization, has been fighting against HB1194/SB1225, a bill that would pave the way for doctor-prescribed suicide in the state. It would lower the standard for depression screening of patients who request suicide, and it would require pro-life hospitals to allow doctors to perform assisted suicide in their facilities.

Andrew Beckwith, president of MFI, said there is time to prepare for the oncoming battle over life due to the bill having been sent to study for the remainder of the legislative session.

“We thought they’d try and get it back on the ballot for this fall, 2018,” said Beckwith. “As far as I can tell, they didn't even attempt to do that and missed the filing deadline; so then we thought they would try and push it through the legislature, [but] that has failed.”

According to MFI, there is evidence in California and Oregon of terminally ill patients being refused more costly medication and treatments that could have improved their lives in favor of the cheaper option: chemicals to kill themselves., 4/3/18