Planned Parenthood: that’s enough about babies, let’s just tell ‘stories‘
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June 2018 – Planned Parenthood VP of communications Kevin Griffis has stated that the company’s greatest strength is not focusing on abortions but the individual stories of women.

“Labels such as pro-choice and pro-life don’t describe how the majority of the population feels, and they tend to polarize people,” he told PR Week. “They stop making the conversation about the individual woman.”

However, numbers from Planned Parenthood’s 2016-2017 fiscal year report reveal a heavy focus on abortion: 321,384 abortions in that one year. CNS columnist Terence P. Jeffrey calculated that Planned Parenthood would have to abort 37 babies per hour, around the clock, to reach that total.

In addition, other services Planned Parenthood claims to provide as a major boon to public health have been steadily declining. Since 2008, cancer screenings dropped by 60%, contraception services by 30%, and prenatal services by 81%. Just one adoption referral is made for every 82 abortions performed. At the same time, Planned Parenthood’s income was at a record high at $1.46 billion – $98.5 million of which was profit., 1/3/18;, 1/4/18