Disney Channel pushing gender fluidity
Disney Channel pushing gender fluidity
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Above, Turdina is the middle character.

March 2018 – Disney XD channel is featuring a male character as a princess in Star vs. the Forces of Evil, created by Daron Nefcy, the second woman to spearhead her own Disney animated show.

The show’s male character, Marco Diaz, reveals he has been pretending to be a princess after one of the characters pulls down his shirt and reveals a strand of chest hair.

Other characters came to the defense of the boy dressed up as “princess Turdina.”

“That doesn't prove anything. Princesses can be hairy,” one princess shouted.

“Turdina is a state of mind,” said another. “He can be a princess if he wants to!”

The Huffington Post’s Queer Voices offered accolades, calling it a “beautiful moment and one that could be incredibly influential for kids who are soaking up social cues about what it means to be a boy or a girl or any gender in between and what supposedly is or isn’t possible because of how they identify.”

The show also featured Disney XD’s first same-sex kiss last February.

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