Frozen fossils affirm flood evidence
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Above photo, this fossil fragment of a tree is one of many found in the Antarctica by Erik Gulbranson and geologists from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. UWM Photo

March 2018 – Paleoecologist Erik Gulbranson from University of Wisconisn-Milwaukee recorded the discovery of a fossilized polar forest in the Transantarctic Mountains as “the oldest polar forest on record from the southern polar region.”

While evolutionist scientists mark the forest that once existed in Antarctica as 260 million years old, Tim Clarey, Ph.D., wrote an article for the Institute for Creation Research debunking the untenable claim. Gulbranson found that amino acids could still be extracted from the trees’ proteins, but amino acids only survive thousands, not millions, of years.

“The discovering scientists found that the trees were so rapidly buried in volcanic ash that they contained fossilized plant cells that are virtually mummified, ‘preserved down to the cellular level,’” Clarey said. “These trees were buried rapidly during the global Flood described in Genesis. Temperate and tropical plants and animals were caught up and quickly buried in the ash, mud, and sand that engulfed them in this cataclysmic event. These fossils remind us that God’s Word is true.”, 12/22/17