Christian moms ejected from LGBT library promo
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Above, "Renton Library; “sitting by the brook, reading my book.”"
by Robert Ashworth is licensed under CC BY 2.0

September 2019 – In June, Renton, Washington’s public library hosted an LGBT event promoted as suitable for teens and tweens. Concerned parents, including Lynn Meagher, attended and filmed a drag queen performing a strip-tease dance and sexually explicit demonstrations by Planned Parenthood representatives.

Adults not accompanying a teen were asked to leave before a sex advice panel discussion began. Noticing several unaccompanied minors, Meagher and another mother refused to leave but were physically removed by police.

Once outside, several men harassed the moms, threatening to dox them (post their license plates and pictures on social media). Since then, both women have been repeatedly doxed online.

Elizabeth Johnson, a homeschool mother of 10, also experienced doxing and death threats after encouraging her 690,000 Facebook followers to complain about Drag Queen Story Hours and similar events in local, taxpayer-funded libraries. Undaunted, Johnson supported the Renton moms by posting a portion of their eye-opening video on her Activist Mommy page., 7/3/19;, 6/26/19;, 6/24/19