What happened to Myriam – the girl who forgave ISIS
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Above, Myriam in her 2015 interview on Sat-7.

September 2019 – The forgiving spirit of a 9-year- old Iraqi girl who touched the hearts of people around the world four years ago has not wavered. Myriam and her family became refugees – forced out of their homeland of Qaraqosh, Iraq, by ISIS.

At that time, when asked about her feelings toward those who drove her out of her home and caused her hardships, Myriam said, “I won’t do anything to them, I will only ask God to forgive them.”

Now that ISIS has been forced out, Myriam and her family have been able to return home. However, upon return, they discovered that Islamic State jihadists had stolen many of their possessions.

Myriam remains steadfast in her forgiveness though, saying, “It’s not about the house…[or] the place you’re living in … It’s about what you see that God is doing for you. It’s about how God is always protecting, and you can just count on Him.”

cbn.com, 6/20/19