1MM invests in families
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June 2020During the COVID-19 crisis, One Million Moms (1MM), an AFA arm that urges activism among mothers, remained active to support families.

Rather than spurring supporters to sign petitions, 1MM director Monica Cole invested in families by pointing them to Scripture and faith-based resources. She encouraged families in the wake of the global pandemic to turn to Psalm 91 for comfort and protection.

“My family has read Psalm 91 and prayed it daily over the past two years and will continue to do so,” Cole said.

She also provided 1MM supporters with a list of “boredom busters” for parents to use with their children during social distancing: Ryan Defrates Secret Agent DVD series, The Torchlighters DVD series, and The Covenant Creek Kids books by author Whitney White. All are available at afastore.net or 877.927.4917.