New language brings hope to blind, deaf
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June 2020Bible translating organization Wycliffe Associates (WA) is extending its aid into the homes of the deaf and blind. WA is introducing a new language, the Symbolic Universal Notation (SUN), to help those with disabilities have access to the New Testament. The SUN translation took 400 volunteers a year and a half to create.

“What we have done,” SUN program director Lori Jenkins explained, “is taken the New Testament and broken it down into the main concepts of each verse and chapter. For each concept, we have created a symbol.”

WA and SUN hope to reach millions of the blind and deaf. WA began producing printed copies for the deaf, and translators are currently working on a 3D version of the New Testament for the blind.

“Only 20% of the deaf population of the world has access to education,” Jenkins said. “The question is, ‘How do you provide a Bible for those that have no education at all?’ And that is the problem SUN answers.”, 3/22/20