Kentucky requires armed officer in schools
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June 2020Gov. Andy Beshear (D-KY) signed SB 1, the School Safety and Resiliency Act, into law February 21, requiring every school in the state to have at least one resource officer carrying a firearm.

It also sets goals for increasing the number of resource officers, counselors, and mental health workers, while mandating that teachers and other staff receive suicide prevention training. After last year’s shooting at Marshall County High School left two teens dead, the legislation passed with overwhelming bipartisan support.

Sen. Max Wise (R-KY), who sponsored the bill, said, “This new legislation, which goes into effect immediately, is crucial to the General Assembly’s continued efforts to protect Kentucky’s children, teachers, and staff by improving the safety of our schools.”, 2/21/20;, 2/21/20, 2/27/20