Gospel reaches ‘end of the world’
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June 2020The gospel message has successfully reached one of the most remote and extreme places on earth, and it continues to spread. Named after the local word for “the end of the world,” the Yamal Peninsula sits in northern Siberia where temperatures between -30 and -60 degrees are common when the winter sun shines only a few hours a day.

Alongside Peter Khundi, a local Christian man, CBN reporter George Thomas recently made the trip to a secluded people group in this area.

“When I became a Christian,” said Khundi, “God gave me a new heart. He also gave me a new heart for my people. I go out on my snowmobile meeting these nomadic families and telling them about the love of Christ.”

Khundi is a member of the Nenets tribe, the largest nomadic tribe in the area. After ministering there for years, Khundi estimates 500 Nenets now follow Jesus Christ. On the trip with Thomas, Khundi brought the children toys, school supplies, and Bibles. However, the work is not over, and Khundi continues his outreach.

“There are still thousands more,” he said, “who have yet to hear about Jesus.” 

cbn.com, 3/8/20