Coffee shop safe for conservatives
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May 2020News last year of a barista booting six police officers from a Starbucks in Arizona because a customer didn’t feel safe prompted a couple of entrepreneurs to do more than just “#DumpStarbucks.” Cliff Gephart and John Tatum decided to open a coffee shop where customers with a conservative point of view can gather to enjoy a cup of coffee and even wear their MAGA gear without fear of chastisement.

Aptly named, Conservative Grounds aims to be an alternative to the typically liberal American coffee establishments. The shop’s website proudly states, “We support law enforcement, the military, MAGA hats, the Second Amendment, pro-life, God, and the traditional way of life.”

To show their appreciation for service members who paid for freedom with their lives, Conservative Grounds offers Gold Star Parents free coffee for life. The shop opened February 21 in Largo, Florida, with aggressive plans to open at various locations throughout 2020., 2/20/20