In His Image
In His Image
Anne Reed
Anne Reed
AFA Journal staff writer

May 2021Since the release of In His Image: Delighting in God’s Plan for Gender and Sexuality (IHI), American Family Studios (AFS) has received dozens of phone calls and emails from viewers deeply impacted and grateful for the film.

In addition, well over 2,000 viewers have submitted prayer requests for individuals wrestling with same-sex attraction, transgenderism, or other forms of sexual brokenness. The response has been so overwhelming that the AFS crew created a way to invite others to pray over the requests.

View the documentary free at At the website, click on “Prayer” to request prayer or to join AFS in praying over requests. Prayer requests marked private are not available online.

“We want others to share in the joy of the harvest when prodigals start repenting and turning to the Lord,” said Kendra White, IHI writer and director. AFA Journal sat down with White concerning some of the hopeful testimonials already received.

AFA Journal: Have you received feedback from individuals who were actively living an LGBTQ lifestyle?
Kendra White: Yes. For instance, one woman wrote us stating she had been in a long-term, same-sex relationship for over seven years. When she and her female partner watched In His Image, they were both moved to give their lives to Jesus. She asked for prayer as they hoped to remain in each other’s lives as friends. She admitted the commitment to change was “really hard and scary.”

AFAJ: Did you have any follow-up communication?
KW: Yes, I really wanted to encourage them to remain strong in their commitment. She shared about the mental battle – how emotional it was – and how much she appreciated the prayers. I was particularly encouraged by her closing words:

“The video was very powerful, and I’m so happy it was all grounded in love and God’s Word. Having correction is important, and I’m starting to see that I need that; at times it can come from a harsh place. I’m so happy I am starting to see and understand things from a genuine place of love and hope. I need support, and it’s not easy to find; but you gave me that little push. I know God will change what needs to be changed. Thank you, Kendra. I am not going to give up.” 

AFAJ: Did you hear from anyone who started a prodigal prayer box to collect names to pray for in their own church?
KW: Yes, quite a few. One woman called and said she had hoped someone else would do it. But when no one did, she felt like God told her to do it. She had never done anything like that before and was really nervous. But she wanted to be obedient to God.

AFAJ: Do you know anyone personally who was deeply impacted?
KW: Yes, a gentleman from my church told me that watching the film changed his mind on the issue. At AFA, we work hard to change laws and influence businesses and media concerning this issue, but influencing hearts is at the core.   

God Made Mom and Dad
In God Made Mom and Dad, Amber Dee Parker provides a great story to help parents explain to young children the importance of God’s plan for marriage. During a father-son outing at the zoo, Michael is fascinated with animal families and how they each have a mom and dad, just as he does.

Meanwhile, he raises questions about why his friend Jimmy has two dads. Parker uses both grace and truth as Michael’s dad explains the truth of biblical marriage, the need for compassion, and how to pray for the lost. The book is available at and other online retailers.

Hannah Harrison