AFAJ editor ministers with World Concern in Bangladesh
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May 2014 – World Concern, a Christian relief ministry, hosted AFA Journal editor Randall Murphree and American Family Radio personality J.J. Jasper during a February visit to WC ministry sites in Dhaka and Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh.

Jasper and Murphree assisted in five projects where 44-Cent Cure medication was administered to people in some of that nation’s most impoverished areas. One tablet will kill parasites for months, giving children a fighting chance at good health. (See AFA Journal, 10/13.) World Concern compliments the medical ministry with wells to provide clean water, another step toward better health.

“It was an overwhelming experience,” Murphree said. “At every site, we were greeted with long lines and alleys packed with people looking for hope. And World Concern is there to offer it to them.”

 Bangladesh is the world’s eighth most populous country – about 160 million crowded into a land area about the size of Pennsylvania. It is 80-90% Muslim, and about 1% Christian. 

According to WC country director Prodip Dowa, the ministry looks for every opportunity to share the gospel, but practices caution to protect his 360 staff members and to respect other faiths which dominate the culture.  

“It was very humbling to play a small part by helping distribute the 44-Cent Cure to people in abject poverty,” said Jasper. For more information, visit or call 800-755-5022.