Ghost of Kinsey continues to haunt public policy
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May 2014 – The United Nations often accredits non-governmental organizations to give them credibility, validation and, in some instances, authority.

But several pro family organizations are concerned that the United Nation’s Committee on Non-Government Organizations is considering the Kinsey Institute for special consultative status with the organization’s Economic and Social Council.

Wendy Wright, vice president for government relations and communications for Catholic Family and Human Rights Initiative, said that by accrediting the Kinsey Institute, the UN would be breaking its own rule of not accrediting organizations associated with pedophilia or human rights violations.

She said, “The Kinsey Institute was started by Alfred Kinsey who claimed that children are sexual from infancy. And his primary source for claiming that was adult men who recorded details of their sexual contact with children for his book Sexual Behaviors in the Human Male. These were criminals, some of them actually in jail, others who had not been caught.” The men were paid for their “research.”

Since the publishing of Kinsey’s book in 1948, its influence has only grown. Kinsey successfully lobbied to lessen the penalties for sexual crimes and laid the foundation for the sexual revolution of the 1960s., 2/26/14;, 2/16/14