Christians give more but not to churches
Christians give more but not to churches
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February 2015 – Giving among Christians increased in the past year, but more of it went to parachurch groups than to churches. The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability reported in its 2014 Annual State of Giving Report that donations to its 700 affiliated Christian organizations increased overall by 6.9% between 2012 and 2013. The total sum of money contributed to religious charities in 2013 was larger than before the 2007 recession.

However, a breakdown of numbers (below) shows that not all types of religious nonprofits have enjoyed an extra flow of cash. The following organizations saw the greatest increase or decrease in charitable contributions as compared to the previous year.

Increased donations

+18.8% camps and conferences 

+13.9% children’s homes 

+12.3% student ministries

+12% orphan care

+10.7% medical

+10.2% relief and development 

Decreased donations

-7% K-12 education

-3.8% prison ministry 

-2.8% higher education 

-2.4% alcohol/drug rehabilitation

-1.9% associations 

-1.5% church denominations