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Above, Lee Strobel, played by Mike Vogel, studies the large quantity of documents he gathered in an attempt to disprove the historical resurrection of Christ.

April 2017 – The Case for Christ premieres April 7 Photo to left, Vogel as Strobel
“I’ve got it all figured out,” Lee Strobel (played by Mike Vogel, photo to right) told his girlfriend Leslie as they started planning for married life together.undefined What he had not planned was that his wife would one day become a Christian and abandon his adamantly atheist beliefs. To his distress, Leslie begins going to church, teaching their children about God – and praying for him!

Feeling betrayed, as if his wife is being disloyal to him in order to pursue Jesus, he sets out to prove her wrong and rescue her from the “cult” of Christianity. His alternative – to leave her, because he knows he does not want to be a part of her new life.

Following the advice that “the only way to truth is through facts,” Lee employs his investigative skills as an award-winning journalist at the Chicago Tribune. He interviews experts to answer the key questions that could debunk his wife’s faith: Did Jesus really rise from the dead? Can the biblical manuscripts be trusted? Was the whole thing some kind of mass delusion?

This dramatic film reflects his desperate search. As Lee turns over the evidence detail by detail, his animosity toward his wife and her newfound faith grows and pushes their marriage onto the rocks.

Lee drinks frequently, and there are one or two crude words spoken. However, the tension in their marriage and Lee’s unregenerate lifestyle are handled very discreetly, making for safe family viewing.

The Case for Christ releases in theaters April 7. For more information, visit and see the feature story in the March AFA Journal here.
Stacy Long

undefinedThe Case for Easter
The Case for Easter, a brief and insightful book by Lee Strobel, is an excellent compliment to the The Case for Christ (above) and addresses questions about the Christian faith. As a secular journalist, he set out to disprove the credibility of the Christian faith. In this small volume, he writes, “As I began my investigation, three questions loomed: Was Jesus really dead after his ordeal on the cross? Was his tomb actually empty on that first Easter Morning? And did credible people subsequently encounter him?”

What he discovered created a turning point in his life. Available at retailers and online.
Randall Murphree

undefinedThe Women of Easter
In The Women of Easter, best-selling author Liz Curtis Higgs digs deeply into the lives, emotions, and surrounding circumstances of three women named Mary – women who knew Jesus well: Mary of Nazareth, His mother; Mary of Bethany; and Mary Magdalene.

Higgs uses her extensive experience as an award-winning novelist to craft credible scenarios that speculate on the emotions the three Marys must have experienced leading up to and following the crucifixion and resurrection. Readers will feel as though they’ve put on biblical sandals, walked the streets of Jerusalem, and been blessed with a 3-D view of what each Mary felt in the presence of the One they all loved.

The Women of Easter is available online and at retail stores.
Anne Reed

The loss of life in the sinking of the Titanic and the attack at Pearl Harbor could have been lessened if warnings of danger had not been ignored. Larry Tomczak, author and cultural commentator, believes disaster is lurking near America’s shores, and we need to be awakened and brought back to God. He is convinced that the Bible holds the solution to these cultural issues eroding our nation.

In Bullseye: Becoming an Informed Influence in Today’s Changing Culture, Tomczak equips people of all ages and professions to become bold influencers and spokesmen for the principles of God. His book is divided into three sections. The first describes the spiritual climate of our nation and offers a plan of action. The second discusses sexuality, marriage, and relationships. The third addresses social justice issues.

Bullseye is one component of a 15-minute-a-day challenge designed to equip individuals to make a difference for the glory of Christ. For more information, visit
Debbie Fischer

undefinedCourageous Love
The new faith-based film Courageous Love is about a young man, Alex Shelby, who has been named president of the family business due to the sudden death of his parents. Alex feels unprepared in his new role and thus relies on his executives to teach him about running the company. Due to bad advice, the company flounders.

Alex decides to go undercover at the smaller New York office to discover the truth behind the company’s failure. Michelle Long, head of the purchasing department, has been cited as the cause. But Alex has his doubts about her guilt, and not just because he has romantic feelings for her. He must investigate without anyone knowing in order to find the truth, save his company, and hopefully save his relationship with Michelle.

Although the film’s pace is slow, and the characters are sometimes difficult to keep straight, the movie is a simple declaration of godly character and truth.

Courageous Love is available for purchase at
Debbie Fischer

Unbreakable is the new musical project from one of Christian music’s most enduring groups.

Filled with soothing melodies, powerful lyrics, and beautiful harmonies, Selah’s Unbreakable is a mixture of old and new songs that include “This Little Light of Mine” interspersed with African lyrics, “He Lives/Because He Lives,” “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms,” and 10 others.

Having received seven Gospel Music Association Dove awards, Selah continues to stir the souls of a wide range of listeners, from southern gospel lovers to pop music aficionados. In the past, their songs have brought hope, encouragement, and healing to many, and Unbreakable promises the same.

For more information or to purchase go to
Debbie Fischer