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Dan Celia
Financial Issues

July-August 2017 – Q: We are retired. How much should we have in cash, and how much of our savings should we invest?

A: Unfortunately, the economy is going to continue to be based on what happens in Washington with the legislation of the Trump administration. And that is a very difficult thing to predict.

That said, I suggest maintaining some cash as a starting point. You should look at how much you draw from your accounts to help supplement your income. At a minimum, you should have 8 to 12 months of that amount of cash easily accessible in the bank. If you don’t need to draw any of your money to supplement your income, then I would suggest you have about 20% of your savings in cash, CDs, or Israel bonds.

Another consideration would be to invest 15% or so in a charitable gift annuity with the balance in conservative investments such as preferred stocks and utility companies.

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