In 40th year, AFA promotes national motto
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July-August 2017 – During the 40th year of a movement that began at Don Wildmon’s kitchen table, AFA will encourage Americans to embrace and celebrate the message of our national motto.

“For the next 12 months, AFA will remind our nation of the truth embodied by ‘In God We Trust,’” said Buddy Smith, AFA vice president. “America was founded on Christian principles. The further we drift from those principles, the more we see our society declining in every area.”

The first initiative encourages people to wear wristbands that declare the national motto. On the tear-off insert in this issue, AFA is offering a free wristband. Larger discounted quantities are available to give away to friends and families and at patriotic events.

Smith said in the coming year, AFA plans to frequently draw the public’s attention to the national motto through radio, print, and online promotions.