PA school board illegally facilitates transgenderism without parents knowing
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December 2018 – Haverford Township School Board in Pennsylvania adopted a policy in 2017 that permits school staff to use taxpayer funds to create and facilitate a social and medical “transition plan” for gender-confused students who want hormone drug injections and “gender reassignment” surgery.

The policy allows school personnel to coordinate with health care providers and licensed professionals, seek Medicaid funding, and file “health insurance claims” without parental knowledge.

Students must share school restrooms, locker rooms, and showers with gender-confused, opposite-sex students. In addition, students must share hotel rooms on overnight trips. Under the policy, students, teachers, and employees are required to use gender pronouns inconsistent with biological reality.

Liberty Counsel sent a letter to the school board September 26 addressing the illegality of the policy., 10/2/18