Student athletes worship, share during FCA Fields of Faith event
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December 2018 – On October 10, nearly 200,000 students convened on athletic fields across America. However, the goal was not winning, scoring, or anything else usually associated with sports. The goal was Jesus.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes conducted their 15th annual Fields of Faith event across America. Started in 2004 by Jeff Martin, an FCA vice president, the entire point of Fields of Faith is the union of students, players, coaches, and parents in the worship and glorification of Jesus Christ.

“Fields of Faith truly changes lives,” says Martin. The ministry uses sports as a platform to reach into the world of many student athletes in schools across the country.

Micah, a former athlete, stated, “Fields of Faith was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever been to. So many people were all able to worship God, at our school, in front of everyone.”

In fact, during Fields of Faith in the fall of 2017, the event set a record, with 198,000 in attendance. Those who participated were able to lead 6,213 to Christ. This year, many students again turned out for the event, with thousands more committing to follow Jesus. If you are interested in starting Fields of Faith in your area, visit for more information., 9/12/18