Reaching the Millennial generation
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December 2018 – There is a generation of young adults who have not seen the importance or the impact of the gospel on U.S. history and culture. In effect, they encounter a world that does not know God. With Engage Magazine, AFA is developing a tool to reach that generation.

“We have one goal,” said Engage editor Jordan Chamblee, himself a Millennial. “It is to help this generation build a biblical worldview. Our mission is to find answers to the questions we all ask. The pages of the Bible are filled with God-given wisdom, and we want to help others apply that wisdom to everyday life.”

In addition to its website, Engage publishes an annual hard copy, a collection of some of its best posts from the website. “Our articles cover topics from parenting and family life to mission work and being involved in church,” Chamblee added.

To learn more and request copies of the annual print Engage Magazine, visit