Sanctuary cities ruled unconstitutional
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December 2018 – In late September, California Superior Court Judge James Crandall in Orange County ruled that Senate Bill 54, also known as the sanctuary state law, is unconstitutional. SB54 was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown in October 2017 and basically made the entire state of California a safe haven for illegal immigrants.

Several California cities and counties quickly voiced opposition to the law, with some even drafting ordinances to opt out of the state-level sanctuary law. Other cities, such as Huntington Beach, filed suit against the state, claiming that SB54 infringed on local governmental authority. The Superior Court judge agreed with Huntington Beach and ruled that, according to California’s constitution, the city had a right to police itself.

Despite the judge’s ruling, State Attorney General Xavier Becerra stated that California would simply continue to uphold the sanctuary law., 9/28/18;, 9/29/18;, 9/30/18