Canadian doctor performs elective mastectomies on young teens
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October 2018 – Dr. Marc DuPere (photo above), a plastic surgeon from Toronto, Canada, and a self-described “leader in the LGBT community,” performs mastectomies on young girls who identify as boys. Even though some of his mastectomy patients were as young as 14, DuPere believes their parents were right in allowing him to remove their daughters’ breasts because the girls were firm in the decision to transition into a boy.

Conversely, Dr. Michelle Cretella, president of American College of Pediatricians, fears these young girls may one day regret their “firm choice” to have sex reassignment surgery. She reports it is not uncommon for children to eventually stop experiencing such gender confusion.

She said at least 6,500 genetic differences between males and females can never be changed by hormones or surgery. Cretella advocates for an ethical end to such medical madness in the treatment of children and adolescents., 7/27/18