Five strategies for reaching skeptics
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April 2019 – Alex McFarland, Christian apologist and co-host on Exploring the Word on American Family Radio, offers the following suggestions for encouraging a skeptic to hear the gospel:

1. With a friendly and winsome spirit, ask questions such as, “Have you always felt
this way, or did something happen that caused you to change your beliefs?”
2. Listen carefully and restate the other person’s position. Try to understand the real obstacle to faith.
3. Avoid conversational “rabbit trails.”
4. Even as you’re talking, silently pray for the Holy Spirit to be at work. 
5. Remember, winning an argument is not the goal. The call of the Christian is simply to testify, praying that the skeptic will consider the facts with an open mind and allow the Scripture to vindicate itself.

Exploring the Word airs live Monday-Friday on AFR at 3 p.m. (CT)., 1/17/19