Half of American children born to unwed parents
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April 2019 – According to a new report from the United Nations Population Fund, almost half of the babies in the U.S. are born to unmarried parents. In 1970, only 10% of American births occurred outside marriage. The UN research also indicated that most births outside marriage currently occur with unmarried, cohabiting couples rather than single mothers living alone.

Experts surmise this marked difference is due in part to changing religious views, shifting gender roles, and more women delaying motherhood to pursue careers. Plus, a 2016 Barna study showed that a majority of Americans now believe cohabitation is acceptable.

Pastors such as Pete Briscoe of Bent Tree Bible Fellowship in Carrollton, Texas, hope their congregants see the folly of this trend. Briscoe recently said in a sermon, “When you’re cohabitating, it’s like you’re single pretending to be married. You’re not really experiencing either of those great ways (single or married) to live. And, as a result, you’re forfeiting the benefits of both. It’s a cheap facsimile of the real thing.”

christianpost.com, 10/18/18