Nation’s youngest black legislator loves God, guns, babies
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April 2019 – As he watched a charismatic black man rise to the position of president of the United States, a black third grader was inspired and became interested in politics and thought maybe he could do the same thing. Ten years later that third grader was elected as the nation’s youngest black legislator, but ironically, he campaigned on a platform in complete contrast to his initial inspiration – President Barack Obama.

At age 19, Caleb Hanna was elected last November to the West Virginia House of Delegates as a Republican. He says his political philosophy is motivated by “God, guns, and babies.”

“I believe God comes first and foremost in every policy decision I should make,” he told Fox News. “I’m very supportive of our Second Amendment rights and our right to bear arms, and I believe that we have to stand up for those who don’t get the chance to stand up for themselves. So, I’m very pro-life.”

Asked about future political aspirations, Hanna said, “I think it’s a little too early to tell; we’ll kind of see what God has in store for me from here on out.”, 1/15/19;, 1/13/19