Netflix continues leading teens into temptation
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April 2019 – Well over 140,000 supporters have signed AFA’s petition urging Netflix to abandon 13 Reasons Why, its original series that glorifies suicide.

Despite the petition and the fact that precious teens like Anna Bright have been driven to take their lives after binge-watching 13 Reasons Why, Netflix has refused to remove the toxic show. (See AFA Journal, 5/18.)

In fact, the network is at it again, this time with Sex Education, a sexually explicit comedy series aimed at teens. It first aired in the United Kingdom but is now available in the U.S.

Set in a fictional high school, the new series is problematic to Melissa Henson of Parents Television Council. Henson warns parents that it contains explicit sexual content, with nudity to a degree and extent rarely seen even on HBO or Cinemax.

PTC asked Reed Hastings, Netflix Chairman and CEO, how he could justify airing this type of content for children. Hastings callously let PTC know that people who don’t like the show don’t have to watch it. He seemingly had no sense of accountability or remorse for its negative impact on countless kids and teens.

PTC believes it’s time for Netflix to do better. AFA agrees.

Go to and sign the AFA petition. Hold Netflix accountable for their dangerous content, aimed directly at kids and teens., 2/4/19