Pediatrician champions truth versus transgender insanity
Pediatrician champions truth versus transgender insanity
Randall Murphree
Randall Murphree
AFA Journal editor

Article originally published May 2020.

November 2020“Nazi!” they call her. “Commander of the Skinhead pediatricians!”

“Junk scientist!” they shout. “Hater!”

All lies.

She is, however, a formidable foe of the transgender activist agenda – and in its view, a villain to be destroyed.

Dr. Michelle Cretella (photo, right) is a licensed pediatrician, wife, and mom who has a history of 17 years in practice and since 2012, has been on the research track with American College of Pediatricians. Her conservative and Christian credentials are solid as she sheds light on biblical truths about the sexes, the family, science, and the culture.

What’s the activist agenda?
“The transgender revolution in medicine has been sterilizing our children since the first gender clinic opened at Boston Children’s Hospital in 2007,” Cretella said. “Now the transgender revolution and its dangerous ideology have seeped into almost every aspect of our society.”

Simply put, a transgender man, woman, or child believes he/she is supposed to be the opposite sex. Many pursue surgery to that end. As an aggressive element of the broader LGBTQ agenda, transgenderism demands acceptance and approval from all. Cretella said the transgender movement emerged in the 1950s when Dr. John Money assigned a new meaning to the word gender. Earlier, gender and sex had been used synonymously to indicate male or female.

Money was a sexologist and psychologist who with like-minded colleagues began offering “reassignment surgery” to men who wanted to be women. They began using gender to refer not to the sex of a person, but to an “internal sexual identity.”

“And that is precisely the language used today to justify the chemical and surgical attack that’s going on in our gender-confused children,” Cretella said.

She pointed out that every revolution begins with language, citing the phrase “sex assigned at birth,” as another example of how the transgender campaign has distorted a word’s meaning.

“That’s simply insane!” Cretella exclaimed. “It’s contrary to reality and to a Judeo-Christian worldview. Sex is determined. It’s not assigned. It’s determined at fertilization. If you have a Y chromosome, you will go down the male pathway. If you’re missing the Y chromosome, you’ll go down the female pathway.”

What’s the science?
Cretella said, “We know there are at least 6,500 genetic differences between males and females that impact every cell of the body, every organ system. And our brains are wired differently.”

As adults, physical differences between men and women account for many of their contrasting thought patterns and behaviors, even if they agree in principle on important areas of life, e.g., parenting.

“These biological influences explain why on average, women are likely to be more nurturing, more vocal, better able to express emotions,” Cretella said. A mom is more likely to discipline with reason and compromise.

A dad is more black-and-white: “Here’s the rule. You broke it. That’s it. No compromise.” However, the differences between mother and father are complementary and add stability to family relationships.

“Decades of social science data demonstrate this,” Cretella explained. “Children who are reared and nurtured by their biological parents in a happy marriage will do best across every measure. This is where children thrive most – physically, emotionally, academically, and socially.”

What’s the harm?
Cretella said health dangers for victims of the transgender myth abound. Lupron, the most frequently prescribed puberty blocker administered to children, is FDA approved for treating a disease called precocious puberty and for a number of adult diseases – but not approved for transgender treatment.

The worst side effects of puberty blocking may include “brittle bones, obesity, testicular cancer, memory problems, and [if combined with cross-sex hormones] permanent sterilization,” Cretella reported. “This is child abuse.”

But that’s just the start. Prescribing high levels of testosterone for girls “puts them at high risk of cardiac disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, even emotional mood swings.”

Ironically, parents who try to protect their children from this abuse often become victims of the powerful LGBTQ lobby aided by its friends in medicine, education, and politics. Thus, families, too, are at risk if parents move
to intervene.

“Parents are actually losing custody of their kids because they are trying to get their children real help,” Cretella said. “They are being denied their parental rights.

“The majority of parents who consent to the blockers and the hormones and surgeries are not being told the truth. They can’t make an informed choice.”

Furthermore, she added, “Activist doctors … are literally telling parents, ‘If you don’t embrace and affirm your child as the opposite sex, you are an abusive parent.’” And this final warning is not uncommon: “Your child will become so depressed he will commit suicide.”

Where are the schools?
In October 2010, President Barack Obama issued his infamous “Dear Colleague” letter putting public schools on notice that if they discriminated against a student who claimed to be of the opposite sex, the school would be in danger of losing federal funding.

“With no science behind it, we have this transgender ideology that says [to a confused child], ‘You are born transgender,’” Cretella said. Unfortunately, every child is at risk because from preschool through university, schools are teaching this ideology.

“I receive emails from deeply concerned teachers saying they have to stop referring to their kindergartners as boys and girls because that’s ‘transphobic,’” she added. “They are supposed to teach even as young as preschool that some boys have vaginas and some girls have penises.”

In high school athletics, the bizarre Obama threat has led to more insanity. For example, in 2018 two boys in a Connecticut high school claimed they were girls, ran in the state track meet for girls, and took first and second place state honors.

The Trump administration rescinded the Obama directive, but Cretella said due to pressure from transgender activists, schools are still largely complying with Obama’s delusion of fairness.

Where are the Christians?
Cretella said Christians must be bold. She summarized it bluntly: “You either worship God with a big G or god with a little g – man.”

“To declare that our bodies don’t matter,” she added, “…is diametrically opposed to Christian theology. The Incarnate Word. God – how did He save? He saved us by taking on a human body. This is significant.

“To believe our body is just this container, and it doesn’t matter – that’s in line with reincarnation, Hinduism, Buddhism!” It is the age-old conflict between a pagan worldview and a Christian one.

Cretella challenges Christians to respond to the falsehoods of trangenderism: “We have to look at them square in the eye and say, ‘Transgender ideology is contrary to science, to common sense, and to Scripture. Surgery doesn’t change your DNA.’”   

Quotes in the above article are exerpted from Dr. Cretella’s interview with Kendra White of American Family Studios.

More insight from Dr. Michelle Crettella
Dr. Cretella cited professional groups standing for truth regarding biblical sexuality, but rarely cited in mainstream media.

▶ American College of Pediatricians is a leader among those standing for science and sanity (, 352.376.1877).
▶ American Association of Physicians and Surgeons also speaks out against the transgender agenda (, 800.635.1196).
▶ Christian Medical and Dental Association illustrates how transgenderism conflicts with biblical principles (, 888.230.2637).
▶ Catholic Medical Association urges sound medical and psychological therapy (, 484.270.8002).
▶ Alliance for Therapeutic Choice advocates for those with unwanted same sex attraction (, 888.364.4744).

For parent and child
Ellie Klipp discusses transgenderism in her children’s book titled I Don’t Have To Choose. Addressing the topic head-on, Klipp teaches kids how God made them with specific chromosomes. Throughout the story, she uses pictures to show how some boys’ and girls’ interests can be similar, but that does not determine their sexuality. In the end, Klipp helps children understand God designed each person with either XX or XY chromosomes to determine his or her gender. So, regardless of what the world says, a person doesn’t have to choose.

Both bilingual and English versions are available at