Alabama breaks adoption record
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August 2010 – Alabama Governor Kay Ivey(R), recently announced the state’s new adoption record. In fiscal year 2018, 710 children were adopted out of the foster care system, topping 509 in FY 2017 and 502 in FY 2016. The previous record was 676 adoptions in FY 2009.

This news broke weeks after Ivey signed the pro-life bill, the Human Life Protection Act. Known as the most restrictive bill in the country, the Act declares performing an abortion a felony.

The rise in adoption proves to leftists that pro-life activists choose life in or outside the womb. By adopting and supporting children in need of a loving family, Alabama citizens are changing the course of history. Ivey announced at the State Capitol the adoptions send “a strong, wonderful message to all foster care children in 
our state.”, 5/28/19