Group ministers in war-torn Syria
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August 2019 – In spite of the danger of a civil war and remaining factions of ISIS, dedicated Christians are on the front lines ministering to Syrians in need. Dave Eubank, a former U.S. Army Special Forces officer and founder of the Free Burma Rangers, is leading the charge.

FBR is an organization working to bring help, hope, and love to people in the conflict areas of Burma, Iraq, and Sudan. Eubank and his team of Christians have been working to bring medical care and vital aid to Syrians since 2015.

One of their most important tasks is getting the Bible in the hands of the unreached. One recipient of a Bible told Eubank, “… I felt the love and compassion you are sharing. … Thank God we have the FBR. Thank you for answering the call to fight for people trapped in dangerous, oppressive, and evil situations.” Eubank and his team plan to stay in Syria until God calls them elsewhere., 5/22/19;