Live Action produces new pro-life video series
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Above, Kirsten Watson, Co-founder of the OneMore Foundation

August 2019 – In their new video series, Live Action, an organization dedicated to building a culture of life and advancing human rights, is tackling some of the most common pro-abortion claims. Some such claims argue “No one knows when life begins,” while others are unsure, saying, “I’m personally pro-life, but…”

Narrated by Kirsten Watson, the first of the Pro-Life Replies videos addresses the “my body, my choice” ideology (see screenshot above). Watson, wife of NFL star Benjamin Watson and mother of seven, points out that though human beings do have the right to bodily autonomy, it should never be used to harm or kill other innocent human beings.

“Let’s have a community in which bodily rights and bodily autonomy mean we respect, protect, and support one another,” Watson said, “including the weakest among us.” The video series can be found at, 5/15/19